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Desktop edition : Manage & collaborate the modern way.

Every day, thousands of people use to perform their work in a simpler way. Powerful and affordable, enables builders to improve their management processes, save time, collaborate and increase productivity.

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 administrative Management
All-in-one-place, anytime, anywhere and on any plaform. allows you to create a complete administrative record of each of your projects. Customer informations, notes, file attachments, deposits, bank inspections are just some of the possibilities offered.

Purchase Orders
A simple click of the mouse is all that is required to create purchase orders associated with a specific task on your production schedule, choices of customers as well as sub-contractors. You can manage extras separately and the creation of cost reporting is done in real time and in a simple way. The history of each transaction always remains available.

Customer Service
A simple way of doing things, people have asked us... A post-delivery event must be bound to its project, to its original schedule, to the supplier who executed the original event and to its purchase order. With everything is planned in a structured manner to avoid delays and improve customer service. Because of its relational structure allows you to do this easily and offer unrivaled customer service.

Customer's choices
The solution enables you to specify the characteristics of each room in a simple way and automatically update your database of products and services at the same time. One or several items can be converted into quote requests and purchase orders.

Quote Requests
Any purchase order you create can be converted into a Quote request. One click will let you select quoters from your list of linked suppliers or from the entire network. It's easy, it's quick and the chosen submission will update your original purchase order and will be linked to the orginal job.

Document Management
From plans to contracts, all your digitized documents can be shared among the employees of your company. allows you to consolidate all your documents from one location - the original folder, the project itself. Searching for a file is now a thing of the past. The concept of collaboration is not limited to your team but can be extended to your suppliers also. With you can share any documents.

Production Schedules
This feature is powerful and is very easy to use. With it is possible to create a production schedule and its purchase orders in a matter of seconds. Making changes and managing task assignment conflicts require just one click and could not be simpler.

Every room, every trade can be supervised in real time! Planing one, the other or both is a breeze. You can keep track of the financial aspect of a project consistent with the issuance of purchase orders for both the original contract and for the unplanned extras. This can be done also in relation to customer deposits and disbursements from financial institutions.

Discounts & QuickPay is the only platform that links automatically purchase orders to invoices electronically. When you sign on for the service, all your suppliers get a free account to interact with you; you can receive bills directly in your system. Gone are the days where you spent hours pairing POs to invoices for accounting purposes. works for you and with this mechanism, you can offer your own payment terms and control discounts.



Mobile edition: Your office away from the office.

When you're out of the office, Mobile Edition can keep you connected wether you're across town or across the world. With a range of impressive features, is the ideal platform to facilitate interaction between you and your stakeholders.

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Say goodbye to Paper Records
With the Mobile edition, your records follow you wherever you go.

- Job details
- Customer details
- Construction schedules
- Post-delivery events

Take control of your schedules
A new kind of remote control with real-time interaction with other users.

- Consult your production schedules
- Confirm the presence of a stakeholder
- Update the production status
- Validate post-delivery events










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